Festival Fashion

Today festivals seem to be the time that everyone gets along, talks to each other and can express themselves in fashion, all because of uniting over the love for music. It seems to be a familiar scene with England and the world cup right now; people talking, singing , getting along and old men trying to fit into their 1986 England shirt?! I digress, my main point is the power that music can influence fashion.

In the 1960s Woodstock Festivals became famous for the first gathering of people to celebrate “peace and music” and was strongly associated with the Hippie movement of fashion. This movement was derived from a group of young people that were sickened by consumerism. Many didn’t want to adhere to the fashion rules of society and inspiration was taken from different cultures including fringing from the Native Americans and Bold prints and beadwork from the afro Caribbean’s which was encouraged by the new hit musical “Hair”. Shapes and cuts of materials were rebellious with bell cut trousers, beaded necklaces and hemlines that were decided by the ladies wearing it, rather than society.

During the 1970s the music scene began to change.  The crowds were rowdier, louder and more tribal. This influenced fashion as women expressed themselves like they never would have before. Boob tubes, halter neck tops and bra tops replaced Smocked Blouses. During the 80s Stephen Sprouse released the sequin electric orange dress, which is reflected in today’s fashion of large hand sewn sequin bodysuits as well as dresses for a festival vibe.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

abbie yellow crop top
Black Flares with a bold yellow cropped top

The rise of the supermodel and stars like Kate Moss brought glamour to the Glastonbury scene in the 2000s. Cream dresses were teamed with studded belts and fringed boots to bring a boho feel to the outfits. Festival super model fashion was becoming a trend and festivals were the new mainstream must attend summer events with style becoming just as, if not more important than the music itself.

The fashion today is very much still inspired through previous fashions. Festivals are a time to be carefree about everything including fashion. Bold prints, flares, boob tubes and sequins are still very much in. However, one item that wasn’t as significant over the past decades were bum bags which are essential for carrying phones and cards, which does explain why there was never a need for them in the 70s !




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