Seeing Red

My favourite colour.  Red is a colour of Lust and Love. A colour of purity and devilry. A colour of cultural and Historical meaning. A colour that can be worn with confidence when in doubt.

Within the Middle Ages it was used to celebrate battle victories of the Roman soldiers. Whilst signifying the blood and the power alongside a bloody battle it also signified fertility and love.

Culturally, red has a significant meaning to fashion designer Prabal Gurung , originating from Nepal its described as a symbol of “purity, dignity  and honour” . This juxtaposes the symbolism of the colour in the Western World in which we use it to convey the idea of passion, lust and anger.

With the fail safe colour guaranteed to remain in fashion, brands decided to claim their own shade of red. Valentino created ‘Valentino Red’ which is a unique mixture of magenta, yellow and black which is equidistant from burgundy  and a bright red.  Catching on to designer brands creating their own trademark red, Dior created ‘Rouge Dior’ in 1953.

And today, the most Iconic designer – red fashion item is the Christian Louboutin shoes. The deep red sole is a trademark of the vertiginous heel that has become a statement of sophistication and class of a woman.

Some of my favourite ways to style the colour but in High Street fashion, are these red trousers from Topshop which have a paperbag waist and are perfect to style with a simple black roll neck.

For some, red may feel like a warm winter colour with a strong association with Christmas. However these culottes, teamed with a black bandeau can be incorporated into summer. And for the summer BBQ you will be covered, with this red frill dress from Miss Selfridge  and pumps from ASOS.



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