Stripes- Do they ever go out of fashion?

Hello everyone! This is my first ever post on Associate Mondaine so I really hope you like it. Before I get into the nitty gritty about the fashion of stripes, I would like to give you some background information about this. My first point is that this Blog is part of my extended project for my A-Levels so feedback would be great, just feel free to leave a comment in order to help me improve this project. My second point is the meaning of the name; Mondaine (not to be confused with mundane) is a French word meaning to belong to a fashionable society. So through these posts about all things fashion, I hope for you to be able to Associate yourself belonging to a fashionable society. And finally a big thank you to the most beautiful friends who are modelling most of the styles!

Soooo after all the explaining is done I can finally ramble on about my love for Stripes and also a bit of history behind it.

Described as a fashion essential, stripes NEVER seem to go out of fashion. Dating back to the 1300s the pattern was associated with criminals and prisoners. However fast forward to the 1900s and the French Naval uniform is inspiration for the biggest designers like Coco Chanel.Through to the 1970s when floral patterns and hippie styles were in bloom, the rainbow stripe flares were becoming increasingly popular in the “flower power’ movement.

During the 2000s the more subtle Breton stripe was claiming back the power in the stripe fashion. The emergence of the quintessentially British lifestyle brand, Joules produced high quality striped t-shirts. With the rise of a new young Royal fashion icon Kate Middleton, who teamed Breton striped t-shirts with jeans and blazer for an effortless ‘off duty’ look.

And finally today 2018 stripes are still in. For both dressy and daytime these striped trousers are so comfortable . They’re super easy to style for both day and night by just switching the trainers for heels.


And for the everyday wear, there is nothing like dungarees with  a striped t-shirt.


To incorporate stripes in summer wear, this jumpsuit is perfect for basking in the sunshine.



(Ferraro,2013) (V&a,2018)(Worsley,2011)



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